I can advise and help you set up the correct legal entity for your new or ongoing business venture. I am also capable of advising on strategy and ongoing business issues that might arise as you grow your business.

Business Formation/Contract

I have extensive experience with non-profits. I have started and served on the boards of many different non-profit entities and I can use my experience to help you create a successful non-profit.

Non-Profit Consultation

I can help you with your everyday legal issues surrounding Real Estate, Estate Planning, Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant and other general legal issues.

General Practice

I have experience with criminal prosecutions and am able to help you when you need it the most on the defense side. Don’t let the power of the State overwhelm you – I can help you navigate the criminal justice system. I am practiced in Misdemeanors, Traffic, DUI’s and driver’s license issues.

Criminal Defense

My experience and education have taught me that a mediated settlement is always better than a conflict in a court of law. I have the education and experience to help two aggrieved parties find a solution that is acceptable to both when there is conflict.


I have a strong interest in First Amendment issues. Religious Freedom and Free Speech are the basic tenants of our society. I believe that our First Amendment rights are constantly threatened. If you have a First Amendment case please contact me.

Constitutional Law

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